Already falling behind a bit, and the late start didn’t help… it was a long night. Apologies to the presenters, who gave great talks, but I’m going to go with the one-line summaries for this session.

Specialization of Generic Array Accesses After Inlining

Ryohei Tokuda, Eijiro Sumii, Akinori Abe

Unboxed arrays for int and float are much faster, but specializing calls isn’t automatic for the compiler. They had to make some modifications of the compiler to add type abstraction and application to the intermeidate language of the compiler. They got some pretty big performance improvements for numerical workloads.

Inline Assembly in OCaml

Vladimir Brankov

Similar to gcc’s inline assembly, pull request #162 implementes inline assembly for OCaml, using a similar syntax. Unfortunately, the pull request will not be merged into master, but you can try it out using opam switch 4.03.0+pr162.